Access Control

Ensure authorisation of access to facilities and protect your business from any threats

Use of contactless, contact (smartcard) or biometric readers in access control ensures authorised access to entire facilities or vital premises within such facilities, as well as separation of specific segments of business processes.

Integration with the video surveillance, anti-burglary and other protection systems results in a reliable system offering full control over all movements within the watched facility.


Complete control for full security

Solutions for access control offered are based on IP technology, providing efficient local and remote managing as well as integration with physical-technical security systems and other systems, such as time recording or parking management and control.

The resulting effect is one of synergy and overall a better, more comprehensive system for surveillance and management. In addition to access control within closed facilities, our offer also includes the solutions for access control that reliably operate in all weather conditions.


Both prevention and control at the same time

Access control is an important part of the technical security system that does not only serve to prevent incidents (burglaries, thefts, etc.) but also as a mechanism to control daily activities of the employees in order to ensure full control and raise productivity.

We offer a broad portfolio of complete solutions created by best global manufacturers, including smartcard, contactless or biometric readers, cables or wireless connections for the doors and locks that are mains or battery powered, and we also provide identification elements, connecting elements, controllers and monitoring software. Like any company that offers complete solutions under “turnkey” principle, we can also install the mentioned systems and ensure their integration with other security systems.

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