AV Conference Systems

Your employees will have first-rate communication globally

Modern business, particularly in case of large companies with offices in a number of cities and partners in different countries, calls for and requires up-to-date audio-video solutions as a great substitute for travelling and meeting in person. Audio-video conference systems make communication with colleagues and partners from geographically distant locations not only possible but also simpler and easier, removing thus the need to travel on business to remote sites and, of course, also eliminating the related costs, which are often very high.


Savings at all levels

Audio-video systems deliver a realistic image of the interlocutor and natural sound as well, and in addition they also make possible interactive examination of documents, presentations and other data, as if all the participants were in the same room. In that way the meetings may be attended by all those who need to be present, and the users of such systems become more efficient and productive wherever they are.

The basis for the audio-video conference system is a large screen and the appropriate camera and audio equipment, while additional flexibility is ensured by other types of internet-connected devices which are also supported, such as PCs, tablets and smartphones.

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