Conference System

High quality support to conferences of all types

Efficient conference organisation involves application of modern and up to date sound systems, and at times also simultaneous interpretation systems. Conference audio systems provide high quality experience to all the participants, and they may easily expand so additional functions can simply be added, and integration with other systems is also easily performed.

Events in large areas and with a large number of participants are impossible to put in place without loudspeakers and microphones, which, depending on the requirements, may be both wired or wireless, and which are connected into one integrated system. Moreover, they may be connected to additional devices that facilitate and expedite communication in rooms of different dimensions. If needed, it is possible to record everything said at the conference, for filing and archiving purposes and later use.

For the events where some of the participants do not speak the official language of the event, simultaneous interpretation systems may be used, which make it possible to interpret from and to one or more additional languages, as needed. Thus time is saved and any potential misunderstandings and errors that may arise due to communication problems are prevented, and the guests may themselves, on their wireless receivers, select the language they want to listen to, and also adjust the sound volume.

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