Fire Alarm & Gas Detection

Detect danger in time, before any damage or loss of life occurs

Any investment into fire detection and alarm systems is not only the matter of a smart business decision that protects human lives and property, but also of a legal, statutory obligation, since this area is strictly governed by applicable regulations. Our clients are offered systems that meet all the relevant standards in this field and ensure swift detection of threats.

Early detection for effectively removing all threats

When a fire breaks out or there is a gas leak, it is of vital importance that such an incident is detected as early as possible, in order to have a timely response and undertake all the necessary measures to protect people and property. We offer state-of-the-art solutions based on analogue addressable technology, with microprocessor controlled fire-fighting centre that communicates with a large number of external modules: addressable detectors, notifiers, control and monitor modules.

Depending on the type of facility and the client’s business, optical, thermal differential, thermal maximum and multi-criteria detectors are used for areas with no special fire protection requirements. In addition, special UV, IR, SMART4, BEAM and ASD fire and smoke detection modules are used, as well as thermal cut-off elements (FIRETRACER), for equipping the most demanding areas. Our solutions have also an option of gas leak detection within the same system and they feature touch panels with graphic interface for swift detection of fire breaking out locations, which means that they meet all the necessary standards (EN54, Vds, ATEX).


Single point control

Fire detection systems may be automatic, manual or a combination of the two. Manual systems involve call points activated by the facility users or occupants, while automatic ones are run by the fire protection centre that activates a sound alarm and/or puts through a telephone call to the fire-fighting service and other predefined numbers.
Fire alarm and gas detection systems have centralised monitoring that allows monitoring and control from a central location or from distant terminals, as well as integration with other safety systems used by the client.

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