Interactive Boards

Tool for education of the future

Interactive boards make the process of educating and training your employees, partners and clients much more modern and efficient. They enhance collaboration between the lecturers and attendees and may also be used by several persons at the same time, which makes learning even more creative and effective. Regardless of whether you are organising education for your employees and partners or paid courses, this new board type will make transfer of knowledge easier and simpler, and the participants will be more involved.

All the boards we offer allow interaction and highly active work, and depending on the needs, you may opt for models that are used with special ActivePens and have touch functionality. Top model ActiveBoard 500 Pro combines these two control modes, and there is even an option that four persons may work together at the same time in this highly interactive manner, which is of great use when solving a joint task or doing an exercise together. Interactive boards come with special software that may also turn previously prepared presentations into interactive lessons that inspire attendees to take an active part in the education process.

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