PA System

Communicate your messages loud and clear to all your customers

PA (Public Address) systems we offer are based on digital technology that is fully computer operated, which guarantees sound message transmission quality and offers a broad range of other possibilities, including also integration with other systems in all types of facilities. In addition, all the components of our Public Address Systems are interconnected by an optic cable network, which warrants high quality sound even where the signal is transmitted over large distances.


For all types of sound reproduction

Public address systems are intended for sound distribution in large areas. They are used in shopping malls, hypermarkets, hospitals, airports, industrial facilities, governmental and many other similar type buildings, for addressing a large number of visitors at the same time, but also for reproducing music and commercials.

We offer PA solutions that include highest quality loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixing consoles, players, microphones and other audio components by leading global manufacturers. Our public address systems are flexible and allow live announcements, using a microphone, as well as reproducing recorded material via CD/DVD players, FM tuners and different multimedia players.

Integration for efficient incident management

In addition to its core function, transmission of entertaining content, information and occasional notifications, it is very important to highlight the possibility of integrating public address systems with other security or safety systems, such as fire detection and alarm system, which, in case of an incident, ensures swift warning and enables timely evacuation of both personnel and visitors.

In this case it is necessary to ensure additional conditions that warrant the reliability and availability of the system and include continuous monitoring, a spare amplifier, constant monitoring of connections with loudspeakers, digital message management, and a port for communicating the fire fighting service.

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