Perimeter Protection

Full protection of outdoor areas for maximum security

Perimeter protection systems provide security for outdoor areas of special importance, guarding them against any intrusion, which involves the protection of specific, defined, fenced-in areas (such as in prisons, forts, airports, etc.) against unauthorised entries or exits, based on detecting presence and movement of people within the guarded area. Our offer includes both visible and invisible protection fences, gates, corridors, as well as protection of open spaces based on state-of-the-art microwave and IR detectors and sensor cables produced by the best U.S. manufacturers.

The systems are intended for areas where there is a threat of terrorist activity, thefts, vandalism, illegal immigration and other illicit activities, and they are used for protecting airports, energy facilities, storages of highly flammable and explosive substances, military and police buildings, border crossings, but also VIP residences, ports and warehouses, shopping malls and retail facilities. Perimeter security systems may easily and effectively complement anti-burglary, video surveillance and other security systems, which may be integrated into a single system to protect both the perimeter and the facility itself.


Precise detection for reliable and full protection

Our offer includes top solutions for perimeter protection that involve intelligent fences that detect and precisely identify the point of intrusion without reacting to weather phenomena such as wind and rain, or road traffic.

In addition there are also invisible or covert protection systems, based on sensor cables several hundred meters long that are buried under concrete, blacktop or a lawn, creating thus a virtual fence along the secured perimeter, as well as microwave, infrared and combined sensors for working in all weather conditions. All the sensors are connected into a single system by central software for monitoring and control, and on the client’s request may be integrated with all other systems of technical protection.

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