Servicing & Maintenance

Our clients may be sure that their system will function reliably for a long time after the equipment is installed and commissioned.

Servicing and maintenance provided ensure smooth functioning of the installed systems, swift response in case of a disturbance, and elimination of problems within the shortest possible time.

Professional servicing team

Unlike our competition, who, after installing the equipment and system integration, more often than not leave their clients to their own devices when it comes to common challenges and problems that inevitably arise during exploitation, we never leave our clients on their own. Tunip Info services has a professional team dedicated exclusively to providing support to our clients through servicing and maintenance in the warranty period and afterwards, as well as always keeping equipment and spare parts in stock and ready, thus ensuring high quality, instant response and problem solving within the shortest possible time. Keeping abreast of current trends, our IP based solutions include remote access, which means that remote servicing and maintenance are also possible, which contributes even more to the speed and efficiency of our support to clients.

Tunip Info services also offers and provides servicing and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems, which is of special importance for our clients, not only because these systems mean safety for people and property, but also because their maintenance is required by the law. In accordance with applicable regulations, all legal persons have the obligation to semi-annually check the functionality of the entire fire detection and alarm system in their facilities.

Continuous support

We are well aware of the fact that different clients may have different needs for support, which is why we have developed different collaboration models. Our expert teams are available 24/7 all year round.

Thanks to the support offered through servicing and maintenance, our clients may dedicate their full undivided attention to their business, feeling sure that they can always and efficiently use all the functionalities of the system.

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