Regulate people flow at key points and ensure collection

Turnstiles are used for guiding or steering and control of movements of a large number of people, preventing unauthorised entries and exits, and enabling ticket collection control. Together with access control systems, turnstiles make up a complete solution for control and recording visitor, employee and customer flow through the facilities or outside.

Turnstiles are electro-mechanical systems in the form of a door, gate, barrier or other mechanical obstacle that lets the visitors pass in a controlled manner, where access is authorised by way of a token, bar code, magnetic and smart cart cards, RFID tokens or biometric parameters such as a finger print. They are designed for use at bus or railway stations, airports, shopping malls, commercial premises, museums, stadiums and other sites with a large number of visitors.


Solutions for all situations

We offer solutions for securing areas with high visitor flow rate, based on three-wing turnstiles and low gates that allow steady visitor flow and enable authorised personnel to pass through quickly if need be. Our offer also includes solutions involving full-height turnstiles and gates for protecting areas that require a higher security level.

Depending on the needs of the clients, turnstiles may be either one-way or two-way, and may feature advanced functionalities, such as automated opening of all exits in case of a fire or other emergencies, or full blocking of entrances or exits at the operator’s command.

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