Video Survellience

Get all the details about movements of people and goods on your premises

We offer you options to reach the highest possible security levels in your facilities by employing reliable and many times demonstrated in practice CCTV solutions by prominent global manufacturers. Our offer comprises a complete video surveillance portfolio that can be easily integrated into other security systems, and we also offer a possibility of upgrading the present analogue video surveillance systems to modern IP technology based solutions.

Investment that pays off

Every security professional will tell you that the most important component in the chain of physical-technical security is actually the video surveillance system, and that such an investment is always justified. Moreover, integration of the video surveillance system with other security systems is a prerequisite for complete and reliable protection of people and facilities.

A modern video surveillance system may help you to prevent thefts, vandalism and other incidents in the facilities you own or manage, which perhaps you may have been unable to do because of the CCTV system being either absent or obsolete.


A number of advantages

Having a video surveillance system brings many advantages:

  • Comprehensive overview of the situation within and around the facilities
  • Prevention and deterring potential offenders
  • Permanently saved recordings of an incident as evidence
  • Automatic alarm
  • Obtaining statistics on customer flow (People Counter)
  • Possibility of integration with other systems of physical-technical security (PTS)
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