The only way to successfully manage complex environments

Building Management Systems (BMS) present some of the most complex solutions when it comes to automatic management of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning in large commercial and industrial facilities, but also residential buildings and houses. We offer only the leading solutions in this industry, since they are simple to create, configure, use and maintain. In addition, these solutions are easily integrated into other systems of the facility, such as lighting, fire protection and security systems.


Home Automation

Thanks to broadband internet and mobile telephony, a whole range of entirely new options has emerged when it comes to managing technology at home via a PC or SMS messages. You can turn on the lights from any place and thus create the impression that there is somebody on the premises, or start the heating and home appliances and reach new levels of comfort in your life.

It is not just about comfort. These systems also help save electricity. In addition, they are very easily integrated with video surveillance systems, so that the entire home automation is controlled only by one remote.

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