Tunip is system integrator number one in India – we were the first to design and implement integrated systems of technical protection, audio and multimedia systems.

For every job we offer complete services, starting from concept design and all the way to as-built design.

Licensed engineers’ designs

Our team includes licensed designers who are always abreast of latest tendencies in designing modern low current systems, which guarantees high quality of all designing tasks. What should be highlighted in particular is that we are licensed for designing fire detection and alarm systems.

Our clients are provided support as early on as the pre-sales phase, through preparing concept designs and training in order to ensure maximum effectiveness of the equipment in the designed system. Moreover, we can offer our clients also support for designs of other contractors, along with optimisation of externally designed solutions and utilisation of new generation equipment and the more advanced approach to structure analysis.

Our standard practice is also always to deliver as-built designs for all the projects that we implement.

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