Anti-burglary System

Protect your property and business from intrusions and incidents

Anti-burglary systems have a very broad range of applications in technical protection of residential buildings, large business centres and special purpose facilities, preventing the entry of unauthorised persons and incident situations that may result from technical defects or breakdowns in the facilities.


Comprehensive protection from various threats

Our anti-burglary systems provide protection of property and people from unauthorised access to the facility through the network of movement and sound detectors, but they also detect and prevent other risks and hazards such as fires, floods, gas leaks, and other unwelcome events.
The systems are based on wired and wireless control panels with screens and keypads that have a two-way communication with modular detectors, alarm communicators and devices for communicating with the user, as well as for communication in real time with the monitoring centre that operates 24 hours a day.


Sensors and detectors for all locations and all applications

We offer a large number of various assorted modules: digital and analogue PIR sensors, double PIR and microwave sensors, acoustic sensors for glassbreak detection, sensor contacts for windows and doors, shock sensors, anti-masking and pet-immune sensors, weather-proof external sensors, smoke, fire, gas leak and flood detectors, as well as alarm sirens with alarm light, audio modules and relay modules for activating various external devices.

Depending on the client’s requirements, different communication modes are available: wireless, RS485 and IP communication within the system, as well as notification via a landline or mobile telephone, text SMS messaging, e-mails, and use of Internet for communicating with the user and operators in the monitoring centre. If necessary, there is an option also of connecting to 24/7 monitoring centre, with the on-call team that in case of alarm activation immediately responds by going to the location.


Trust experienced professionals with security checking

The key to a proper and well-suited choice and appropriate sizing of an anti-burglary system is a correct assessment of the security situation with regard to the facility to be protected, which should by all means be performed by a professional. We offer our clients the service of security assessment and consulting, as well as integration of anti-burglary system with other security systems used by the client.

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