Time Recording

Simple way to more efficient business

Time recording systems let the employers and managers have control over employees coming and leaving, going out during working hours, number of hours worked overtime etc., which serves the purpose of having a better work discipline, increasing business efficiency and allowing automated calculation of salaries.


Easy system to prevent fraud

Employers use time recording and attendance systems in order to have precise information on tardiness and longer breaks during working hours and so prevent fraud, primarily with regard to schemes in calculating the number of hours worked overtime, but they also get information of efficiency of individual employees during official working hours.


Precise data for better workload organisation

These systems also offer statistics on the amounts of time spent at work, meetings, breaks and absences, which may be used to identify and remove deficiencies in workload organisation and improve business processes, thus increasing both performance and profit of the company. Time recording is useful to both employers and employees, since the system always provides reliable and fair data for calculating the salaries and other allowances of the employees.

Depending on your needs we may offer a number of different time recording solutions with several types of contactless and contact terminals, from the smallest ones with keypads to the ones with large touch screens. They may be based on identification through RFID tags or magnetic stripe cards, but we can also offer biometric fingerprint readers and combined terminals that use several types of identification.

In addition to terminals we also offer software support in terms of time and attendance software solutions for full analytics concerning employees’ work, salary calculation, absences, coming to and leaving work, sick leaves, etc.

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