Ten years of experience in corporate security enable us to support our clients through education

We help clients to comprehend properly what their needs are and to make the best possible use of both the existing and new systems.

From efficiency to effectiveness

Consulting services aim at transforming operational efficiency into effectiveness, and many years of our experience, good cooperation with vendors as well as continual education of staff members, along with keeping up with latest technologies, allow us to tell our clients that what we offer is complete and inclusive know-how in corporate security.

These services involve advising clients on optimum use of the current resources and planning the future ones, business optimization, using security system in order to improve operational effectiveness, business process critical points analysis, improving profits and identification of new technologies in order to develop and advance business processes. As part of the consulting ,Tunip Info services develops internal procedures and written standards that contribute to protecting clients against in-house thefts and losses and to improving corporate security of the company.

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